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  • The Official PayU Lite Magento Extension

    The official PayU extension for online payments! Works awesome for Romania!

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    Product Tabs

    Product Tabs” extension enables you to create a modular interface on your product page. This way, you will be able to create an easy and comfortable way to organize your product’s information on page, based on the criteria you select (no matter how big your portfolio is).

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    Low in Stock Custom Alert

    Set an individual or global stock alerts values for products and define a list of email that will receive the email containing products with low stock.
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    Shop Reviews

    Your business depends on the received reviews from customers. With this Magento extension, you can have an overall view on their shopping experiences and you can show the world how appreciated your online shop is!

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    Admin Profile Locale Selector

    Help your website’s Administrators! Install this Magento extension and your administrators will easily choose their default language for back-end usage.

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    Product Video Gallery

    Videos help your visitors understand better what you are selling. By installing this extension, you will be able to upload video content directly on your product page.

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