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You need to make sure you have the right products in your store, right?

What about the right store for your products?

Auditing your online shop platform is as healthy as going for your yearly medical tests – it might seem you are over careful, but it is definitely the first step to take in order to prevent and avoid future hassle.

What will our Docs do?

(We do have our experienced team of Certified Magento Developers, as well as the Certified Magento Solution Specialist to perform your check-up):

  • Test the quality of the code written by your development team;
  • Perform an independent assessment of the compliance with the accepted Magento best practices;
  • Identify flaws and risks associated with your platform, preventing you from losing money;
  • Propose performance improvement ideas to make sure that your e-shop is working at its best.


You will later on receive our full audit report which will be something similar to THIS.

Need more info?

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What do our clients say:

"With our Magento site, we have invested time and money into a number of extensions and various code enhancements and optimizations, but trying to get a handle on whether those changes were good for our installation as a whole was difficult, and gauging whether the extensions we purchased and installed were quality and based in Magento’s best practices was also tough. Innobyte’s audit was a very thorough and effective service that provided us with a report we were able to use to determine which extensions should be looked at again for better alternatives, where potential code troubles could be coming from and where overrides or other code changes might be causing issues. The audit service was definitely worth the time and cost and gave us a number of specific directions to dig into our installation and resolve current and potential issues. I would highly recommend it for any store - especially one that has been in production for some time and may have some questionable extensions or code that could be identified and cleaned up."

Michael Schuler, eCommerce Director Schuler Shoes

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