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Running your online business on a Magento Community website has its benefits as this free open-source software brings around great flexibility through its features.

Magento, in both Community and Enterprise Edition, insures code level access to its files, mobile HTML5 themes, a large number of third party extensions that you can install on your website and increase functionality, API integrations, themes that make personalized design of your website easily possible. Equally, a Magento website is great as it allows multiple websites, stores and stores views, a persistent shopping cart that you can determine the period for, flexible pricing rules, and various payment options. The themes are responsive, as mobile commerce is undoubtedly the future.


Magento Enterprise Edition comes to improve all of the above and adds more features for greater e-commerce capabilities, taking online shops to the next level of performance

As the first Magento Silver Solution Partner in Romania, Innobyte is the company you can rely on when deciding whether you should acquire this license for Magento Enterprise Edition or continue functioning with your current Community Edition. Our team can advise on what features are best applicable, and on the framework and timeframe of your transition from one platform to the other, should it be the case.

You already know what Magento Community Edition can do for you, and that you can enhance its features by installing third party extensions. You might also know that, often times, installing third party extensions can create conflicts and it takes time and effort (and most times the support of a professional development team) analyzing what has happened and implementing fixes.

What Magento Enterprise Edition does is take all these great features and puts them in the core of the platform, making the development and maintenance of your store a much easier process. You get:

  • Advanced additional features for your best performing shop;
  • Advanced customization possibilities;
  • Advanced Magento support;
  • Large projects / large shops management.

Enterprise Edition is suitable when you are dealing with a large number of products and SKUs, and when your shop has lots of traffic. The scalability is amazing! A huge advantage E.E. brings is in terms of customer experience, ranging from faster re-indexing, even for catalogues with tens of thousands of products, improvements of page loading time and full page caching, to faster checkout. The faster the acquisition, the happier the client and higher the return!
Admin roles are enhanced
(you can have per site, per store, within store) and you get a better back-up system for cases in which you need to rollback to previous versions of your store.

In terms of marketing, Magento Enterprise Edition offers you a set of tools in line with latest trends for personalization. You’ll benefit of faster and easier update of customer attributes, enabling more data collection and advanced customer segmentation. This will later on add to customer satisfaction, as you can create more personalized campaigns addressing different needs of different segments simultaneously. Imagine: special pricing, private sales, geographical targeting. The Enterprise edition has an integrated automated email system, not found in other platforms, which lowers the rate of abandoned shopping carts, a built-in RMA, customer service assisted shopping and multiple landing pages to ensure the success of your campaigns.

Coupon codes, reward points, gift cards, gift registry are all made possible and very easy to use on Magento Enterprise Edition. Cross-sell and up-sell campaigns can be done automatically and this makes life easier for any website admin.

If all these features aren’t enough to support your decision, note that Magento Enterprise Edition supports your full PCI compliance. The secure payment bridge, which is available for a monthly subscription, will allow you to safely store credit card information for repeat purchases, bringing yet another appreciated time saving feature for your customers.

Not to neglect: Magento technical support is offered free for the Enterprise Edition. There are some limitations to the support situations but, as long as you do not make changes to the core files, most of your regular issues should be solved within the framework of this license.

Innobyte team offers you a professional framework for your project’s development and a reliable partnership to support the success of your business. No false assumptions, no guessing, and a proven set of projects and happy clients: Portfolio

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