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If you have an online store on an old version of Magento Community or Enterprise Edition you should consider upgrading it to the latest version available. This would be Magento C.E. 1.9.2. and Magento E.E. 1.14, which bring several advantages to improve the activity of your online store.

Our experienced team of Certified Magento Developers can assist you for the upgrade of your platform.

Upgrading your Magento store to the latest versions of Community or Enterprise Edition is always recommended because each version comes with improvements, both in terms of functionalities, as well as security improvements.


We strongly advise that upgrades are done by a Magento developer. This recommendation is based on the necessity of the professionals in charge of the upgrade to have a good understanding of how Magento works.


Here is a short list of possible post-upgrade problems that may occur:


  • extensions incompatibilities with the new Magento version. Some extensions may not be developed for the Magento version you are upgrading to, which means you will need to have them customized;
  • lost functionalities due to poorly Magento code customizations, if they are not implemented according to Magento best practices;
  • theme incompatibilities with the new Magento version;
  • outdated system requirements for new Magento version.


These shortcomings can be limited with a proper preparation before upgrading to the latest Magento version for your store.

In order to limit post-upgrade issues, a prior online shop audit is highly recommended.

Our team is set and ready to offer the best advice regarding your upgrade, and support the improvements of your online shop.


You can find more information about our Audit service here.


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